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In marketing there are a lot of different terms thrown around and quite often terms are interchanged as if they were one in the same. BostInno writer Mike Arsenault does a good job here explaining two terms that people often confuse:

ReMarketing vs. ReTargeting: What’s the difference? | BostInno

The main takeaway for people who are trying to understand the differences between ReMarketing and ReTargeting is, according to Mike:

"Retargeting is most often used to describe online ad placements and display ads.

While you may hear retargeting tools referred to as remarketing tools (ahem, Google), “remarketing” is typically used when email is involved."

Folks, that is about as simple as it gets. If you can remember this then it will be easy to sort out which idea you are talking about at any given time.

Now, the next question of course is which is more useful or effective? In my opinion I think that retargeting can quickly lead to a situation of diminishing returns. Think about it, I came to your site and wasn't interested in your product for whatever reason and now you are going to invest time and dollars following me around to other places trying to reinterest me?

I am not saying of course that it can't work but I would say that as a business unless you are incredibly sophisticated in your PPC programs, landing pages strategies and cost per customer models you run the risk of hopping on the retargeting bandwagon and spending an awful lot of time and money that might be better spent in getting your initial PPC and landing page programs performing at a higher level. I am leery of retargeting primarily because I see it as not really addressing the main issue of why didn't I buy or respond to a call to action in the first place.

So, if I had my choice, and often I do, I would definitely focus optimizing the initial contact point of the PPC and landing page strategy and then bringing in remarketing as a way to up-sell and cross-sell customers that have converted or made those first steps in your key calls to action.


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Ed Loessi

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Anonymous said :
April 24, 2014 at 11:03 AM
Hi Ed,

Great post. In regards to the downsides of retargeting, I think you're over emphasizing that people who bounce from a page are users who are mostly NOT interested in the product. Users often begin shopping on one platform and complete transactions on another. Someone may check out a pair of shoes and add it to their cart on mobile on their train ride to work, planning to purchase later on their PC. I found this article interesting

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