Is the image of marketing still faceless blobs and stick people?

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I was doing an image search today for an idea I had and I did one on Google for Marketing Images, after looking at the results page for a minute I realized that 95%+ of the images were all faceless, stick people versions in one way shape or form. I thought, how odd that even despite years of rhetoric about how marketing campaigns need to be personal and personalized, still the most common images associated with marketing appear as faceless blobs.

It may be one of the reasons that new ideas like Pinterest have taken off so quickly, because people are looking for real images, real life things that they can point to and share.

Now I realize that these are just images about marketing and not necessarily marketing campaigns, but it does go deep into the psyche of the average marketer. If you accept that your industry image is about faceless blobs as how you commonly explain what you do, then you run the risk of letting that infiltrate your own ideas.

My advice? Run, run from the faceless blob that is haunting the dark corners of marketing, seek refuge in real pictures and video, create something that people want to share!
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Ed Loessi

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