A few thoughts from Bijan Sabet • Patience & Persistence

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"When you go to a tech meetup, tech party, or read tech headlines, it’s easy to get swept away into thinking things are soaring for a number of startups. Company xyz now has a zillion users, another company just went viral, overnight sensation, etc."

Bijan Sabet • Patience & Persistence

I've always liked Bijan's take on things both from an investor as well as an entrepreneur's view. He really hits the nail on the head here with some realities; many companies we consider successful today really struggled for long periods before they became well known and that growth is not always an upward trend. I myself love attending local tech events and love hearing about the success of startup companies and each time I do I keep thinking wow! am I doing enough with marketing and business development to make sure we come out on top? and then we buckle down and increase our efforts.

So, any company that is out there definitely needs to be attending the local tech events (which most are as seen in the local Boston attendance) and you need to look for those companies that are having success and talk to them, see what they are doing and learn from their marketing and customer acquisition process. It may be hard to get info from a direct competitor but you can keep an eye out along the edges of what they are doing, however, you can look at all other companies and see what you can apply from their activities. All companies have to promote their products (marketing) and find new customers (sales) and develop customers use of the product (customer service) etc. So, look, listen, learn, and apply.



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