Very Cool! - Enstitute Launches an Alternative University for Entrepreneurs

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Very cool!

TNW The Next Web writer Brian McCarty uncovers a really great concept/business called Enstitute, which is asking the question "If you want to be an entrepreneur, do you have to go to college?"

Enstitute Launches an Alternative University for Entrepreneurs

There has long been a debate as to the value of a college eduction, to an entrepreneur, a very expensive proposition even at a state university. There have been all types of approaches from dropping out to start a company, starting a company while in college, The Zuckerberg Model (countless others as well of course), to going directly to work at a startup right after college.

The Enstitute's plan, which involves having a 2 year internship and hands on work under the mentorship of successful business people, looks like another solid attempt to separate entrepreneurship from the bonds of a costly and sometimes nearly useless college education. Don't get me wrong I think college is definitely a viable and worthwhile channel to success for many types of careers and I do like the idea that Kaplan an educational company is working on developing a curriculum for Enstitute, as I think that the 18-24 years this program is targeting still need to be organized down at least some sort of pathway.

This is one approach amongst many to keep an eye on, there are some great people involved and they are on the right track.


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