Google's Latitude Leaderboards Could Come to Google+ - Really?

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Saw this snippet on possible check-ins and gameification within Google+ on TNW - The Next Web

Google's Latitude Leaderboards Could Come to Google+

"The new update sees Latitude Leaderboards quietly launch within the app, awarding points to users that check-in using Google’s rarely-used independent check-in service. As soon as a Latitude location is selected within the app, a small leaderboard is displayed and points tallied to the user’s leaderboard score."

My Take:

It struck me odd that this was compared to Foursquare simply because Google+ and Foursquare based on what we know about both of these business models couldn't be further apart. I mean really, Google+ is about content sharing and Foursquare is about activity sharing on the individual side and advertising on the business side (the real side because that is where the money is). I may be wrong and it wouldn't be the first time but I struggle to see how you would really add check-ins to the Google+ process as it is simply an unrelated activity. If you were going to add check-ins to any Google product it would be mobile search or Google Places.

My suggestion, let's stop taking every new Google development and trying to figure out how it is going to fit into Google+


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