Here what I'm saying, June 20-27, 2010

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Grabbed my posts from Twitter this week to see if I was under the influence of anything in particular. Noted that most of my good ideas weren't posted because they are secret :)

Hanging in Gloucester, MA at the "Greasey Pole" event, an annual classic

RT @alex: This is how I would fix modern schooling:

Now that's funny! - Look honey I got the new #iPhone

More on Rework by 37 Signals and the challenges of #Freemium business models

Great clips! The Smith Report » Kindle Clippings – Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

old style much better! - RT @HootSuite: Fan of old style RTs? Click the Owl > Settings > Preferences > Uncheck "Use Twitter Web retweets"

Always a good refresher - Guy Kawasaki’s 5-Point Guide to Personal Branding | Personal Branding Blog - Dan Schawbel

Sliver Businesses, I Iike that analogy - Chopping Up The Twitterverse | Get Venture

12 Reasons people 55 and older gave for being on Facebook and why they like it -

Great post! - The Stages of Innovation Acceptance

Picked up the URL figured what the heck, everyone's on the local bandwagon these days, might think of something :

Person on the T is stuffing their face with a burger while talking on the phone, funny how some people were raised :)

Ed Loessi

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