Buying enterprise software where the innovation is happening

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In a recent article on ZDNet titled Survey: More SaaS development in 2009 it was noted that "More than half of all developers around the globe will work on Software as a Service (SaaS) apps this year", which means that if you are a buyer of software and you are not actively looking in the SaaS market for new solutions to your software needs you are likely to be buying less innovative solutions, which is not a good strategy.

It's really a pretty simple premise; innovation for a business comes from one of two things; the first being your ability to come up with a unique idea and target a chosen market and second the ability in most cases to harness the resources; the people and software/technology tools to get it done.

So, ideas, well that is up to the leaders in the company and the market will soon let you know what they think about your idea. The best people to implement the ideas will be sought after and brought into the company and that is a huge focus and no one is interested in the un-innovative person but often times technology is thought of differently, people like to use terms like 'safe' or 'proven' which we all know is secret code for 'not innovative'.

Many times you see companies that pride themselves on having the best ideas and going after new markets. These same companies spend huge amounts time trying to find the best people, the people with the best ideas, the newest methods, so why would they then sabotage all of that innovation by implementing old-school technology?

It's simple there are a lot of old-school technology providers that still have to milk the huge investments they have made in building their solutions and guess who they are going to be milking?

Now, some might say that new technology is unproven but guess who is making that new technology? odds are it is the best and brightest that used to work at the big 'safe' vendor, the person who said 'hey there is a better way' but to whom their big vendor employer said 'hold on we are not done getting a return on our investment'.

So from 2009 forward the writing is on the wall, half of all innovation in software is now taking place in the SaaS arena, if you want to be leading the innovation in your market now is the time to bring in SaaS solutions and engage those best and brightest who are creating the newest and most innovative solutions.

Ed Loessi

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